Ariya act with the consciousness of each commodity to be delivered on time. No difficulty in the procedure of clearence in customs due to the Turkish and foreign plates of the vehicles.


Ariya lojistik is a specialist gateway logistics service provider handling all aspects of importation and exportation, gateway customs clearance and compliance.


With a large-scale warehouse facility and a dedicated logistics team, Ariya provides short term and long term storage and shipping services for industrial appliances

Insurance Services

Ariya insurance services provide specialist insurance advice to businesses operating in the transport and logistics industry.

Letter of Credit

We can offer letters of credit services including export letters of credit.

Highway Transportation

Ariya provides reliable, professional highway transportation services across continental Europe and Asia, including cities, towns and remote destinations.

Air Transportation

Ariya is a leading provider of air cargo transportation and related services to domestic and foreign air carriers and other companies that outsource their air cargo lift requirements.

Railway Transportation

Since its foundation Ariya has become a well-established private rail transport service provider in Europe.

Seaway Transportation

Ariya Seaway Logistics is a shipping and logistics solution for organisations and individuals involved in international business and transport